My strength program: Nicholas Holst, Butcher’s Garage

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Nicholas Holst trains and teaches at CrossFit Butcher’s Garage. He is a member of the team from Butcher’s Garage that participated in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

1) Where did you get inspiration for your programming from? 

From many people in my box who have been doing Wendlers 5/3/1 program. I mostly heard positive things about it, and wanted to give it a try.

2) What is the main purpose of your program ?

The main purpose is to gain overall strength in squat, deadlift and press. I’m sure this will also affect my strength in many other aspects, as these 3 exercises are very fundamental.

3) Do you still find time to do regular CrossFit wods or do you focuse only on strength training? Why / why not

Yes, I still do some CrossFit WOD’s once in a while, but I really needed a break after the last period (6 months) of intense CrossFit. I combine the WOD’s with some running to maintain the cardio best as possible during an off season.

4) Is this your first strength training period, or have you tried other programs? What was the result then?

I have tried some other programs as well. Did Strength Bias as my first strength program, then GVT to gain volume and strength, and now Wendlers 5/3/1.


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