My strength program: Rune Jensen, FW Scandinavian Center

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Rune trains CrossFit and is a fitness instructor at Fitness World Scandinavian Center in Århus, Denmark. We love Rune’s approach to fitness – the strongest shall survive!

1) Where did you get inspiration for your programming from? 

My inspiration has come from different internet sites, forums, articles etc. which lead me to invest in the book, “The strongest shall survive”, by Bill Starr, a classic from 1976. I ended up mixing Starrs recommendations from the book, with the popular MadCow version of his 5×5 liniar program. I really like the simplicity and back to basics-atttide that Bill Starr represents.

2) What is the main purpose of your program?

When I choose a program, I always consider a lot of things:

I knew, I needed to work on my overall strength, and especially my lower body strength, since years of working out with a little too much focus on the disco muscles, has left me with very weak legs, compared to the upper body.

I knew I responded best to high frequency programs, so I ended up designing a 4 days a week, full body version of the program.

I knew I needed to work on my technique , in a lot of exercises used in crossfit, including cleans, overhead squats, push press and jerks. I could include these in the programs without any problems, using Starrs description on how to design a program.

The linear progression is – in my opinion – a brilliant way of progressing, when you’re either working on new exercises, or working on exercises with potential for a lot of rapid strength gain. I started out with very low weights in exercises where I focused on the technique, and higher weights in exercises were strength gains were top priority.

3) Do you still find time to do regular CrossFit WODs or do you focus only on strength training? Why / why not

I’ve never really been done a lot of Crossfit WODs, but I actually cut down on my days of strength training, to do WODs instead. I try to do crossfit two, sometimes three days a week. I still love strength training and I know I cannot become a good crossfitter without working a lot on my weaknesses, so I think the two kinds of exercising go hand in hand in my case.

4) Is this your first strength training period, or have you tried other programs? What was the result then?

Right now I’m in the middle of my second 5×5, 9 week cycle. And I think I’ll be doing a third before changing, into something else that I have not yet determined. I consider doing a few Smolov junior cycles afterwards, but I’m looking for some kind of new program in which I can easely incorporate the olympic lifts.

I’ve done plenty of other programs before, ranging from pure bodybuilding programs to bulgarian overloading programs. Different programs for different goals. My biggest progression in the shortest period of time has come from the ”stripped down hypertrophy” program, but I’ve also liked other programs, Wsb4sb, Gvt, Agvt, DUP setups.


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