CrossFit: random vs. planned training


When you start in a CrossFit box as a new crossfitter, you’ll typically attend the classes on the days that fit into your schedule. At this point your training is 100% random – you don’t know the WODs in advance, and you don’t plan you own training. This might go on for the first year and take you to a certain level of fitness.

Our personal experience from what we’ve observed in the community in Denmark is that CrossFit from that point and onwards typically will go into 2 different directions – 1) those who train for fitness and health, and 2) those who take CrossFit to the competition level.

The first group who train for general fitness and health will typically keep on following the random WODs at the box, while the second group who start training for CrossFit at competiton level for the most will start training more planned.

In the next couple of weeks we will look into how competition crossfitters train – and we’re looking forward to sharing their thoughts with you!

Ditte & Sarah


3 thoughts on “CrossFit: random vs. planned training

  1. Great topic! I think this is something we all have to think through, competition athlete or standard wod killa. My opinion is that you have to go back to the basic questions, what is my goal? Why am I training? What do I need to do to accomplish my goals? At the core, I think most of us (if not all) are in this program to increase General Physical Preparedness and that’s basically what the competitions come down to. Next question would be how to accomplish that. This is one of the reasons CF is so great….we never claim to have all the answers or the best methods. It’s constantly evolving and we need to ask new questions once we think we have the answers. The athlete and coach that has the best programming will be the one who develops the greatest GPP. Just a thought. Miss you guys!

  2. Sarah,
    Actually, CrossFit Wods in our box are planned in advance. Of course the athletes’s participating don’t know what’s coming up. That’s to keep it as a surprise.

    Trainer’s need to know where they are going with the wods and what the goals for the class are. Anyone can slap a wod on the board. Bit what is the Goal?

    I will agree that training for competition is different. But my opinion is that both are planned. You just might not know what’s coming up though.

  3. @ rob
    But if people drop in when they want, say one week on thursday, next on friday and monday, next on wednesday, thursday and friday and so on, the programming for them will still be random.

    Even though you might have planned it, maybe even with progression and so on, just because they don’t come in every day of the week or the same days every week, will make the program random again.

    To make clear what I want to say let’s take the programming of CrossFit Football, in my book one of the best programs out there. If you only came in on Mondays and Thursday you’d mainly be squating and pressing leaving most of the pulling execises out. This would randomize an otherwise perfectly planned program.

    @ Sarah and Ditte
    Looking forward to the insight!

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