Random/structured CrossFit – by Samantha Briggs

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  • Name: Samantha Briggs
  • Age: 29
  • City and country: Manchester, UK
  • Where do you train? TRAIN Manchester, CrossFit 3D, CrossFit Leeds
  • How often pr week do you train? 7 days a week

How is your training planned (random/planned)? The strength side is structured with the WODs random

Where do you get your inspiration/program from? A mixture of self programming and a helping hand from Karl Steadman (CrossFit 3D)

What are your best competition results? 4th CrossFit Games 2011

What are your future goals? Podium finish at the CrossFit Games

It seems that more and more top-level CrossFitters train in a much more organised way than the majority of people in the boxes. Does this lead to a kind of ”false marketing” of CrossFit as being random/ in what direction do you think CrossFit is headed? I think it is important when you’re competing to have some structure to your training, there are so many elements to CrossFit that you need to make sure you train for them all – I don’t think this is false marketing as for general fitness the randomness of CrossFit programming is perfect and keeps things interesting

If it is more effective to train by a personalised program including strength training and focus on your specific weaknesses, should CrossFit boxes offer this product as a supplement to group classes? Do they already? In the gyms I’ve trained at they do offer some sort of individual training but I think it is important for people to not get too focused on their weaknesses as they may neglect other areas – keeping a random aspect to training keeps the body guessing and constantly tests the athletes

It makes sense that elite athletes train after a much more structured scheme and have a long term plan. But how do you make the distinction between elite or not? I don’t think you need to distinguish between elite or not, it is more of a question of the focus of that individual – are they wanting to seriously compete in CrossFit, are they wanting to use CrossFit to improve their fitness for their main sport, or just to become fitter and better at CrossFit in general?

If crossfitters want to start training for competitions, where should they look for information?
I don’t have any issues with sharing my training program and I publish my training diary online (when I remember!) For me it isn’t a big secret and I take it as a compliment when people tell me they have followed some of my workouts. Some people don’t like others to know where they are at with their training but I feel that everyone is going to see when I compete?!?!


One thought on “Random/structured CrossFit – by Samantha Briggs

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