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Merry christmas to all our readers and to the people in the fantastic CrossFit-community around the world!

// Ditte & Sarah

Try this WOD during the christmas days:

Evety minute on the minute for 20 min.:

  • 2 clean & jerks @ 70/50 kg.
  • 6 kettlebell swings @ 32/24 kg.

Scaling up/down:

  • Go light: clean & jerk 60/40 kg. + swings 24/16 kg.
  • Not sure that I can RX: try to RX as long as possible, then do AMRAP the remaining time
  • Challenge yourself: keep each round under 30 seconds or less with the RX’ed weights
  • Go heavy: do 3 clean & jerks each round and/or swings: 40/32 kg., and/or clean & jerk 80/60 kg.

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