New Year Resolutions 2012: Maximizing Performance

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Photo: Jens Koch

For most people, New Year equals resolutions, we all want to make the next year even better than the last one. This post is about making New Year resolutions that are attractive, realistic and fun.

We will share our plans for 2012, and how we plan to make them happen. The posts are divided in to subjects: Maximizing Performance, Lean Eating, New Inspiration/Knowledge, and Competitions. 

Maximizing Performance

The key to maximizing performance is all about making a plan and sticking to that plan. Since CrossFit is constantly varied and contain so many exercises and performance domaines, it’s all about finding out where to start. Put in another way: what is the least amount of work that will produce the biggest results? Once you have addressed your weakness/area for improvment, make a concrete plan for action.

Ditte: I have chosen to focus on leg strength, Back squat: 100 kg, Front squat: 90 kg and 2 skills: double unders (min 50 reps unbroken) and toes2bar (min 20 reps unbroken), as I consider these to be my greatest weak spots.

Plan of action: Legs: following wendler 5/3/1 and 1-2 weight lifting classes each weak. Skills: doing a minimum of 2 wods each month containing t2b + double unders.

Sarah: I will focus on upper-body strength (muscle-ups, pull-ups, ring-dips, strict hspu etc.) . I also have some exact goals for 2012 in terms of kg: front squat: 110 kg, Back squat: 130 kg, deadlift 140 kg, clean & jerk: 90 kg, Snatch: 70-75 kg.

Plan of action: following weight lifting classes 3-4 x/week + squat sessions/weightlifting/leg based WODs 8 x/week in total. I will do upper-body training every time, I hit the gym + do mostly upper-body dominated workouts.

Our tips:

  • Consistancy is key. Don’t make your plan too complicated – it’s better to do one thing every time you train, than having an extensive check list that you get through once a month.
  • Use a note book or your phone to log your training and plan your session. Many lifting programs are available as apps.
  • Plan all your training 1 month ahead and set reminders in your calendar.
  • Get a training buddy and make sure that he/she knows your goals. Discuss how you can help each-other.
  • Make your goals public! This makes you push yourself harder.

Please share your New Year resolutions with us in the comments below!


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