New Year Resolutions 2012: Lean Eating

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For most people, New Year equals resolutions, we all want to make the next year even better than the last one. This post is about making New Year resolutions that are attractive, realistic and fun.

We will share our plans for 2012, and how we plan to make them happen. The posts are divided in to subjects: Maximizing Performance, Lean Eating, New Inspiration/Knowledge, and Competitions. 

Lean Eating

Eating healthy is a New Year classic, and probably one of the hardest changes to do. You can find a variety of books, home pages and proffessionals that offer good advice on nutrition. We have both chosen to focus on habits and lifestyle changes, instead of the typical New Year crash diets.

Ditte: My goal is to eat more home-cooked meals and bring my own lunch to school/work more often. I don’t have any plans regarding loosing/gaining weight, but I want to pay more attention to the quality of food that I eat. Right now, I order organic vegetables online and get them delivered at home every week, the plan is to find a better quality meat and fish as well.

Plan of action: I will bring lunch a minimum of 4 times /week, and in order for that to happen I need to prepare my lunch the night before, preferrably before making dinner. Find a company that sells organic fish and organic free-range meat.

Sarah: I want to serve my husband and my son varied and healthy meals 5 x/week. Personally, I need to eat more meals during the day (every 3 hours) in order to fit into my weightlifting weight class 🙂

Plan of action: make a meal plan for every week + do most of my grocery shopping online ( First step: healthier habits, second step: always stay below 75 kg (my weightclass), third step: stay there for the rest of the year+.

Our tips:

  • Focus on changing habits: What most people forget is that eating is less about nutrition facts and hardcore diets and more about daily habits. Like with your training, remember to plan ahead so you don’t have to make last-minute decisions.
  • Do your shopping online: It’s possible to get both healthy and varied foods (especially vegetables) from online sources – if you live in Denmark you can get organic vegetables and meat+fish delievered every week. This will save you time and will encourage you to cook more meals and try new things.
  • Remember that your health is a life-long project: Don’t ditch the whole plan just because you accidently eat a muffin the first week or forget your lunch box. You can allways start again! Furthermore, many studies indicate that a 10% diversion from the ”perfect” plan won’t actually change the outcome – it might even help you stay motivated.



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