New Year Resolutions 2012: Competitions

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For most people, New Year equals resolutions, we all want to make the next year even better than the last one. This post is about making New Year resolutions that are attractive, realistic and fun.

We will share our plans for 2012, and how we plan to make them happen. The posts are divided in to subjects: Maximizing Performance, Lean Eating, New Inspiration/Knowledge, and Competitions.


As the CrossFit community in Europe grows, more and more different competitions and events occur. Some are large with workouts on a very high level and others are local get-togethers in the box. Wheter you are a ”pro” or beginner, competitions are a great way to learn about yourself and what you are able to achieve physically and mentally on the actual day of competition. If you are a box owner, hosting an event is a nice way to create awarness about CrossFit and potentially attract new clients to your box. Who doesn’t want to train at the best box?!? All in all – a win/win situation.

Ditte: I’m looking forward to both competing myself and hosting the FIT AS FU*K CHALLENGE in 2012! I’m especially happy that a lot of the competetions will be team based, as I find it much more fun. My dream is to qualify for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games with my team from Butcher’s Garage. My process goal is to improve my weak spots and most importantly continue to work on eliminating ”nervousness” and performace anxiety prior to competitions. My plan is to participate in a lot of competions and continue to work with Janne – our mental coach.

Sarah: I LOVE competitions, and I am looking forward to a very challenging year in 2012. Furthermore, I’m super excited about hosting the 3rd FIT AS FU*K CHALLENGE in 2012 with participants from all over Europe signed up already. I have worked a lot with our mental coach Janne and will continue that journey in order to perform 100% in competitions, to deal better with nervousness, and accepting not performing 100% all the time (especially in weightlifting).

I’m coaching 2 competition teams at Butcher’s Garage, and I’m super excited about seeing the new competition team in action and about going to a lot of competitions with my own team. My proccess goal is to perform well at Opens and Regionals and my DREAM GOAL is to qualify for CrossFit Games 2012. Both teams will continue to work on mental aspects as well as on raising the athletic level as individuals and as a team.

I am new to the weightlifting sport, yet going to attend some quite big competitions, i.e. Copenhagen Weightlifting Cup and the Danish Champonships in Weightlifting in 2012. I will continue to work on technique, strength and performing 100% in each lift/focus in each lift. Dream goal is to hit 70-75 kg. i snatch and 90 kg. in clean & jerk in a competition in 2012 (I’m right now at 65 kg. snatch/80 kg. clean and jerk on a good day) 🙂

Our tips:

  • When it comes to competitions, Janne (our mental coach) has taught us to have different kind of goals: Dream goals and process goals. Process goals relate to the factors that you can control (your own attitude, preparations etc.) and dream goals could be specific placements/results that you will work towards, but that also could be influenced by external factors (your competitors, events, illness, work-outs etc.).
  • Get in the game! Don’t refrain from participating in competitions even if you are a beginner. Find an event that suits your level and go! Usually once you get past the first time, you’ll be hooked and ready for more!
  • Find a balance between too few and too many competitions – either is good for you and/or your daily training.
  • Attend international competitions as well. They’re fun, you get good memories and friends and learn a lot about the level in other countries (great inspiration).
  • Work on your weaknesses – it’s about beeing 100% complete as an CrossFit-athlete. You’re never better than your weakest spot/the team is never better than the weakest person….. etc.


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