Do you remember when you started CF? Anders Galaly, DK

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Anders Galaly

Gym / webpage: Will be released in February 2012


  • European Regionals 2011: 4th
  • Fit as Fuck 2011: 3rd
  • DCO 2011: 2nd

1. When and where did you start CrossFit, and how did you hear about it?

A friend introduced me to CrossFit in the spring of 2010, and I was blown away. A girl (a strong one!) outsquatted me in overhead squat.

2. What was your first WOD, how did it go, and how did you feel afterwards?

An AMRAP with box jumps, burpees and SDHP. It was the most taxing workout I’ve tried – at that time

3. Do you remember anything about when you started? Which exercises did you find difficult and was there anything you we’re unable to perform RX’ed?

In the beginning I struggled with HSPU – I still do actually…..

4. What was your favorite WOD and lift when you started – and what is it now?

Deadlift, then squat and now, of course, snatch!

Actually I’ve never had a favorite WOD, but tabata-row I do quite often – in a way, you could call that a favorite WOD.

5. What has been your best CrossFit experience(s)?

Regionals 2011, AWESOME.

 6. Do you have any good advice for people who have just started CrossFit? Anything you wish that you had known/had done differently etc.?

Start easy, it’s not important to RX, but to do things right, with proper form! Changing technique later is difficult and even now, I still struggle with bad technique in some movements.


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