Do you remember when you started CF? Martin Møller, Butcher’s Garage, DK

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Martin Møller, CrossFit Butcher’s Garage

Competitions / Placement:

DCO 2010 #6

 CF Qualifier 2010 #3

 CF Sectionals 2010 #9

 CF Open, Europe 2011 # somewhere in the 20’ties

 DWF & CBG Invitational Cup 2011 #2 (Heavy Men)

 FAF 2011 #10

 Butchers Stronger 2011 #?

 CTC Christmas Challenge 2011 #1

 Butchers Classic 2012 #1…

1. When and where did you start CrossFit, and how did you hear about it?

I started at ButchersLab in the Meatpacking district – Copenhagen. My old friend and ski’ing- aficionado Peter Balle trained at CF Copenhagen and told me about Crossfit, which I initially thought sounded ridicules. But after he got hospitalised with sever DOMS (an extreme lactic acid build up – actually not that funny & quite serious – but he is back with full throttle) I thought, with my some what screwed up mind, that there might be something to it.

2. What was your first WOD, how did it go, and how did you feel afterwards?

I think it was a Fight Gone Bad and I didn’t think much of it. I felt stupid playing around with medballs, barbells with no weights on and kettlebells. Which I very vividly remember gave me a sense of a being a retarded tool, made by ignorant and un in lighted people – that has changed…

3. Do you remember anything about when you started? Which exercises did you find difficult and was there anything you we’re unable to perform RX’ed?

As most CF NOOB’s I struggled with pull ups and getting below parallel in squats. Tower/cable pulls in Globo Gyms and pull ups are to completely different things and with thighs & calf’s like mine, squatting was never really an option, I already had trouble enough back then, finding pants that would fit me.

4. What was your favorite WOD and lift when you started – and what is it now?

“Murph” and it more or less still is. First time I did it, Coach Dehn convinced me to do it with a weight vest and I remember I got sub 30 min. which was a huge personal success for me, especially when benchmarked my result up against the times from HQ. The day that can’t do Murph sub. 30 min. I gonna take up knitting instead… maybe…

I loved benching, with emphasis on love. I had a 2 reps @ 155 kg. PR back then, which has decreased dramatically since I started CF, but there is nothing like the sweet sensation of benching – just ask Arnold:

But Squats & Power Cleans are definitely prospects to my favourite lift.

5. What has been your best CrossFit experience(s)?

The finale at DCO 2010 against Blair Morrison, Frederik Ægidius, Rasmus Marqvard, Anders AA Knudsen & Lasse Breinstein, which I won by 2 burpee’s. The Church Of Pain was packed way beyond capacity and the intensity & atmosphere was amazing. I was placed in the far end, surrounded by The ButchersLab family. Their cheering was a wicked booster – screw No Xplode, all you need is a bunch of CF hipsters shouting your name… and they did;)

Also the CF qualifier in Stockholm 2010, where I finished #3 was a wicked experience, the camaraderie that this competition gave me is precious to me. Hollis Maloy gave me a CF Santa Cruz t-shirt for good sportsmanship or for just be awesome… it’s still my favourite training t-shirt to this date.

It was also a huge weight lifted of my chest finishing #1 with AA at the CTC Christmas challenge 2011, being #2 or #3 quite a few times I various competitions, I knew that this challenge was going to be ours.

6. Do you have any good advice for people who have just started CrossFit? Anything you wish that you had known/had done differently etc.?

A) Train smarter, not harder! Rest is crucial; I’ve learned that the hard way. I got sick the last week before all my competitions in 2010. And a bad stomach is not being sick, that’s just bad luck.

B) Trust your box, that their programming works, do your squats & do them often + when you pas a max of 1000 pull ups, you pas the elastic band on to one that needs it more then you.

C) I still believe and live by my final remarks from my last interview with FAF blog – Seriously. Enjoy your search


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