Do you remember when you started at CrossFit? Carsten Eigil Hedegaard, Captain’s Gym, DK

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Photo: Demi Karatzaferi

Name: Carsten Eigil Hedegaard aka the Captain

Gym: The Captain Gym / webpage:

Competitions? Placement:

  • Fit as Fuck 2010, 1st place, Master
  • Butcher’s Garage, Olympic Weightlifting for CrossFitters 2011, 9th place

1. When and where did you start CrossFit, and how did you hear about it?

I started 4-5 years ago, in a small club by the name of Copenhagen CrossFitters. Later on it expanded to Butcher’s Lab. After seeing the movie “300” by Zack Snyder, I was searching the internet and found Gym Jones, and from there I found CrossFit.

2. What was your first WOD, how did it go, and how did you feel afterwards?

I can’t exactly remember my first WOD, but there was not much equipment in the club, so it was probably some kettlebell and bodyweight work. I was slow, I was weak, it was hard, I couldn’t breathe, I felt dizzy, but I never felt that good after working out, and I was hooked!

3. Do you remember anything about when you started? Which exercises did you find difficult and was there anything you we’re unable to perform RX’ed?

I specially remember the WOD “300”, I had never tried anything like that. Almost everybody in the club was 15-20 years younger than me, and I was always finishing last in the workouts. But that kept me going, and I wouldn’t accept it. I had a lot of trouble with bodyweight excercises. We weren’t talking about RX in those days.

4. What was your favorite WOD and lift when you started – and what is it now?

I didn’t have any favorite WODs at that time, my favorite lift was maybe deadlift (and curl) – today, one of my favorite WODs is “Grace” and I’m more into olympic lifting, focusing on being much better at it.

5. What has been your best CrossFit experience(s)?

Winning the 2010 Fit as Fuck for Masters.

6. Do you have any good advice for people who have just started CrossFit? Anything you wish that you had known/had done differently etc.?

Don’t do too many kipping pull ups, or don’t do them at all. Go strict instead. If you want to compete, learn the skill and just do the kipping there. I had shoulder problems for more than a 1 year, and after I stopped kipping, my shoulders are good and strong again!

Work your strength! Do some heavy lifting at least 2-3 times a week. Find a simple program and stick to it, Stronglift 5×5 and Starting Strength is good a place to start. Focus on long term results, don’t try to force anything too fast, and listen to your body. CrossFit is tough, and your body needs adjust to the new excercises. So take small steps in the beginning or else you’ll end up with injuries, and your goals are even farther away. Start squatting now!! Build your strength in your squat, and when you’re ready, squat heavy!


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