Do you remember when you started CrossFit? Ditte Jacobsen, Butcher’s Garage, DK


(Photo: Jens Koch)

Name: Ditte Elisabeth Jacobsen

Gym / webpage: Butcher’s Garage, Copenhagen Denmark

Competitions? Placement:

  • CrossFit Games 2011 (Affiliate Competition), 39th
  • CrossFit Games Regionals/Europe 2011 (Affiliate Competition), 2nd
  • Athlete profile  

1. When and where did you start CrossFit, and how did you hear about it?

I started CrossFit in september 2008 at CrossFit Copenhagen on Nørrebro. It was one of the only CF gyms in Copenhagen at the moment and very different from the regular gyms. At the moment I was working as a personal trainer and collective class teacher, but was lacking new inspiration for my own training. A collegue told me that a new gym had opened up in an old church! I sounded so weird that I just had to check it out – I was hooked from the first intro session. I trained at the church every morning at 7 am for the first year and a half, then I joined Butcher’s Lab and later Butcher’s Garage, where I train (and work) now.

2. What was your first WOD, how did it go, and how did you feel afterwards?

My first WOD was the classic intro WOD at CrossFit Copenhagen ( I still think it’s the same?): Amrap 10 mins: 5 burpees, 10 KB swings, 15 airsquats. I remember finding it really fun! I remember coming home afterwards and being high on adrenaline. It felt like I finaly found ”my” sport.

3. Do you remember anything about when you started? Which exercises did you find difficult and was there anything you we’re unable to perform RX’ed?

I remember so many things: My first attempt to do a dead-hang pull-up! It looked so easy when the guys did them. I remember only one girl at the box could do them – I was so envious that I practised 5x week for almost a year before I was strong enough. Second thing I remember was not being able to do a real push-up on the toes! … And my squat was 26 kg!

All in all I was unable to do most WODs as rx’ed in a long time 🙂 The first things that started working for me was the barbel exercises, I got pretty strong relatively easy. The most difficult was the bodyweight exercises – that took a long time to get good at!

4. What was your favorite WOD and lift when you started – and what is it now?

My favourite WOD was a barbel complex I think.. Now I like the workout DiFranAbeth (mix of diane, fran and elizabeth), I get bored quickly and prefere WODS with a lot of components.

My favorite lift was and will always be the JERK 🙂

5. What has been your best CrossFit experience(s)?

I have met some of my best friends and also my boyfriend through CrossFit. That will always be the thing that I am most gratefull for, and they have all contributed to many good experiences.

Competing at the Games both in 2009 and 2011 were two very exciting and very different experiences! It makes me very humble to think about it.

Arranging the Fit As Fu*k Challenge is both hard work and very rewording! Sarah and I use all our sparetime in months ahead and to see it all come together on the days is something very special 🙂 I’m looking forward to 2012.

6. Do you have any good advice for people who have just started CrossFit? Anything you wish that you had known/had done differently etc.?

  • Patience! Don’t freak out if you can’t rx or if you find some exercises difficult. I didn’t have a sports background and could barely do a proper squat before I started CrossFit but I have worked my way up to competing at the Games! Persistance is key – if you are willing to work hard, the results will come eventually.
  • Find some ”idols” – someone working out in the same gym, that are a little bit better than you and try to keep up with them. It’s easier to stay motivated if you see what others have achieved.
  • Keep a training log!
  • Participate in social events in the local CrossFit community. Once you get integrated in the club, every training session is like hanging out with friends – and you will never be tempted to stay at home on the couch.

My before and after stats:

Mid 2008 – starting CrossFit → end 2011

Body composition:

Body weight: 75 kg –> Body weight: 65 kg

Fat%: 27 %                      Fat%: 14 %


Squat: 26 kg —>            Squat: 92,5 kg

Jerk: 35 kg                       Jerk: 80 kg

Deadlift: 70 kg                Deadlift: 130 kg

Bench press: 25 kg         Bench press: 70 kg

Press: 27,5 kg                  Press: 50 kg

Snatch: 20 kg                   Snatch: 57,5 kg

Clean: 30 kg                      Clean: 75 kg

Strict pull-ups: 0                        Weighted pull-ups: 1 x 17,5 kg

Push-ups: 0                                 Push-ups unbroken: 35

Dips: 0                                          Muscle-ups: 9 in 2 mins

Hand-stand push-ups: 0         Strict hand-stand pushups: 18 in 2 mins


2 thoughts on “Do you remember when you started CrossFit? Ditte Jacobsen, Butcher’s Garage, DK

  1. This makes me very happy 🙂 You are a true inspiration for me, I can see that we started out with the same weight and bodyfat % plus i could’t do any of the push ups, pull ups etc.
    Now 4,5 months in to my training i see a huge difference and you put the words on it perfectly “I finally found my sport”
    Thank you for your awesome blog – can’t stop reading it !
    Regards Hannah

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