OPT Coaching Certification Program coming to Europe


In April 2012 Jomes ”OPT” Fitzgerald brings his certification program to Europe for the first time! Scheduled is Level 1 Assessment Module and Level 1 Program Design Module. These models are a part of OPTs ambitious work of improving the “CrossFit” model of more randomized, or black box driven, training regiments. OPT is measuring in more factors, and is tying it all together into an holistic approach to fitness, taking it into account that all factors of lifestyle contributes to fitness. And in order to reach your potential one cannot just look at training as something that is separated from other aspects of ones life.

James is highly respected in the CrossFit world, where he has always been a frontrunner when it comes to experimenting to find out what it takes to reach athletes true potential. This experimentation and knowledge made himself into an excellent athlete, himself winning the CrossFit Games in 2007, and as a coach he has made numerous athletes qualifying and finishing well in the CrossFit Games. He is also a respected coach for athletes not only in CrossFit, but also in specific sports, where he is known for his ability to improve quality of training and lifestyle in order to get better results as an athlete. We guarantee that these courses will improve you as a coach, and take you to the next level when it comes to understanding how and why to make athletes reach the next levels of performance.

The courses offered here are the first two modules in order to reach the level of Level 1 coach in the OPT system. Assessment is 2 days long, and program design is 3 days. Note that the Program design module as the Assessment module as a prerequisite. We are offering them as single modules, and also has an option of signing up for them both getting a discount price.

1. OPT CCP Level 1 Assessment/Program Design Combo – 7-8 april + 10-12 april 2012: 1995 dollar

2. OPT CCP EP Level 1 Assessment Module – 7-8 april 2012: 895 dollar

3. OPT CCP EP Level 1 Program Design Module – 10-12 april 2012: 1345 dollar

We have a limited amount of spots, and in order not to miss out on this amazing opportunity, we urge you to book as soon as possible. The combination off is only limited until 2011-02-11, and after this time the prices gets higher.

Questions about the courses and the certifications process, as well as payments are answered by Trevor at

Proud to host the modules the modules are CrossFit Uppsala, in Uppsala, Sweden. Situated just 20 minutes Swedens biggest international airport, Arlanda airport. For more information about CrossFit Uppsala you can look at our website, and for questions about accommodation and travel mail Martin at

For more information about the certification program, and OPT browse to James FitzGeralds describes his programs with these words:

My goal is to create a package of coaching fundamentals for individuals who want to learn, instruct and become a master in the ever evolving world of fitness.

I have been associated with leading members of the fitness industry for years now and know what is a good path for success within this profession. I want to improve and distinguish between who is a coach and who instructs fitness classes. The OPT CCP is for individuals looking to build upon their current knowledge and take their coaching to new levels. I use the word coach as I believe in and understand the passion behind what this word means – a person who embodies and teaches from a sound knowledge base the aspects of physical wellness.

My belief is that there needs to be aspects of nutrition, lifestyle consulting, physical assessment, exercise program design and business savvy as major tools that this coach should have. I also believe that coaches are more than educators but role models, life advisories and leading community members that have far reaching impacts for us all. The OPT CCP is designed to help individuals realize their own potential. This has been a passion of mine for some time now to share and evolve with these coaches to create change in the fitness profession; that time has come.

James FitzGerald

Owner, Director

Optimum Performance Training Inc.


2 thoughts on “OPT Coaching Certification Program coming to Europe

  1. This is BIG! Welcome to Sweden! 🙂

    Björn Uddenfeldt, CrossFit Uppsala – Primal Fitness

  2. I love OPT’s programming and philosophy. I have several friends who are going through the CCP…you really can’t go wrong.

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