My first CrossFit competition abroad – Nicolai Mainz

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  • Name: Nicolai Mainz
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Studying Marine Engineering
  • CrossFit Gym: Butcher’s Garage/Lab
  • Country: Denmark
  • What was your first competition abroad? The London Throwdown 2012
  • When did you start at CrossFit? Christmas 2009
  • How often do you train + how is your programming? I train about 5 times a week. At the moment, my programming is focused on qualifying for the Regionals, so I’m trying to get as much competition experience as possible, and otherwise I’m working on my skills and conditioning.
  • Did you participate in a team/individually? I participated in a team with 3 guys (including myself) and 2 girls
  • How did you prepare for your first competition abroad? I trained as much as possible with the team, as with any other competition.
  • Was the competition different from other competitions that you have participated in? Yeah, it was much larger. It was the biggest competition I have participated in, and even seen. It was really cool to see this 2-day event, with so many sponsors, shops and the like.
  • What did you learn? It was a very nice experience! I have learned that there are some really strong guys and girls out there (not just in Denmark), so there’s a long way to the top yet. The standard was really high! I have definitely got some things that I need to go home and work on, and generally I just need to be faster and stronger 🙂. I also learned that our team strategy worked really well when put to the test – that was really nice to see!
  • What was the best experience? Finishing 2nd in the 4th WOD – a Team-Fran. It was the first workout where we had the opportunity to actually work together, which was what we have actually been training, and we really shined! The audience was awesome, our team-work was so smooth, and we totally nailed it. It was the greatest feeling afterwards. The speaker came over and interviewed us, everyone came and shook our hands, and it was just a really great feeling of succes 🙂
  • Would you do it again? If I can find the money and get a good team together, I think so! But next time it will be even more to win! 🙂

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