My first CrossFit competition abroad – Sebastian Klindt

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  • Name: Sebastian Klindt
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Student
  • CrossFit Gym: Crossfit Butcher’s Garage
  • Country: Denmark
  • What comptition did yuo participate in? The London Throwdown 2012
  • When did you start at CrossFit? Probably 3 years ago
  • How often do you train + how is your programming? I train 4-5 times a week. One of them is normal a hard/longer team workout, where the others normally has some strenght training based on Wendler and short metcons which included semi-heavy OL lifting.
  • Did you participate in a team/individually? Individually
  • How did you prepare for your first competition abroad? Actually I trained like I normally would. The only different was that I incorporated some of my biggest weaknesses into my metcons.
  • Was the competition different from other competitions that you have participated in? Yes and no. The workouts were build up in a different way, that I’m normally used to. But in the end, it was still just a competition with workouts that needed to be conquered.
  • What did you learn? I learned that I need to train more focused. I also need to train more on my mental status before a workout. All in all it was a great experience, which taught me alot about myself, and how I need to focus on different workouts.
  • What was the best experience? To get cheered on, by my team mates, coaches and friends. I always get an enormous rush if I do a workout while getting shouted at.
  • Would you do it again? Definetely. Maybe not this particularly competition, but I would definately love to get out and discover more CrossFit competitions abroad.

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