My first CrossFit competition abroad – Mikkel Brandt

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  • Name: Mikkel Brandt
  • CrossFit Gym: Butcher’s Garage
  • Country: Denmark
  • When did you start at CrossFit? Summer 2010
  • How often do you train + how is your programming? Approx. 5-6 x week in a combination of regular crossfit including skills and wendler 5/3/1 inspired resistance training
  • What was your first competition abroad: The London Throwdown 2012
  • Did you participate in a team/individually? Team
  • How did you prepare for your first competition abroad? I didn’t really change that much except focusing a little more on skills and a lot more on cardio. The weeks prior to the competition we had some extra team wods 🙂
  • Was the competition different from other competitions that you have participated in? Wouldn’t know, I only competed once before at a very small event.
  • What did you learn? Mainly how competitions work and don’t work.
  • What was the best experience? Must be the actual Team wod, when we ended second 🙂
  • Would you do it again? yeah, no doubt about it.

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