The Danish Championships in Weightlifting 2012

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Yesterday I participated in the Danish Championships in Weightlifting 2012. It was a great experience, a great battle between the lifters and a great atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone (expecially the many crossfitters) who came and supported the lifters.


  • Snatch: 62-66-67 kg.
  • Clean and jerk: 70-75-75 kg. (the elbows were bending slightly in the second and third lift in the jerks = not allowed in weightlifting)
  • Medals: silver (0verall), snatch (gold), clean & jerk (silver)

It’s the first time, I haven’t gotten 75 kg. approved in clean & jerk, and I can garantee, that I’ll do my best in order for that never to happen again 🙂

Overall, a super great day.

Now: focus on the CrossFit Open 2012 – excited to see what athletes will shine, what WODs CrossFit HQ will bring etc.



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