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Two weeks of the CrossFit Games Open 2012 have passed, and all scores have been submitted to the European leader board. Given the composition of the 2 first WODs, both AMRAPS of each 1 exercise, there have been some close battles all over Europe. We’ve taken a closer look at the top 10 Scandinavian men, women and teams in Europe 2 weeks into the CrossFit Games Open 2012.

When comparing the results and the number of participants to the CrossFit Open in 2011, it is clear that CrossFit is becoming huge in Europe! More and more athletes “find” CrossFit – especially from the worlds of gymnastic, athletics and weightlifting – this give rise to some frightening “newbies” and only proves what we already know: No-one is ever better than their last WOD. Expect to see some of the good-old beasts – but also a lot of skilled CrossFitters that you’ve never heard of at Regionals 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


1st and 2nd place are currently occupied by two Italians, Davide Marini and Stefano Migliorini, both from Milan in Italy. The men have from South Europe have been waiting some time for a place in the sun – and don’t espect them to back down easily! Remember the “latin” temper from Opens and Regionals 2011, where both Martina Barbaro (Italy) and Marianna Tzourtzek (Greece) showed impressive results.

The 3rd runner up is a man with a great mission for 2012, Frederik Ægidius from Butcher’s Garage in Denmark. On a not surprisingly 6th place comes Philip Bengtsson from Malmö in Sweden, who has trained like a beast since Regionals in 2011. On a 7th place comes Lucas Högberg from Stockholm in Sweden followed by Mikko Aronpää (CrossFit Games 2011) from Finland in the 9th place and Jakob Magnusson from Iceland on a 10th place. A strong top 10 dominated by 5 Scandinavian men all striving to make it to the European Regionals 2012 in Copenhagen.


Not surprisingly, Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland is at the very top of the European leader board and worldwide as well. She is followed by Katrin Davidsdottir also from Iceland in the 2nd place. Two times 4th runners up are from Iceland as well, Ingun Ludviksdottir and Hjördis Oskarsdottir. 6th runner up is also a tie between the 19 year old Sara Ellegaard Andreasen from Denmark and Thuridur Erla Helgadottir from Iceland. In the 9th place comes Sarah Troelsen Krarup from Butcher’s Garage, Denmark followed by Ellinor Rehnström from Stockholm, Sweden and Anne Waage from Bergen, Norway, both on a 10th place. All in all, the Icelandic girls are looking fiercer and stronger than ever! After Samantha Briggs has withdrawn from the Open due to a knee injury, we would not be surprised to see 3 Icelandic girls on the top of the podium at Regionals in Copenhagen. Strong runners up would be Jenny Jacobsen (CrossFit Games 2011), Ellinor Rehnström and Louise Åkesson, all from CrossFit Nordic in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Scandinavian dominance is also showcased in the top 10 teams, which is 100% Scandinavian dominated, and it’ll be interesting to see if the top 10 teams can keep their lead all the way to Regionals in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. CrossFit BC Island, Iceland (CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup 2011)
  2. CrossFit Reykjavik, Iceland
  3. CrossFit Solid, Sweden
  4. CrossFit Malmö, Sweden
  5. CrossFit Nordic 1, Sweden
  6. CrossFit Sport, Iceland (CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup 2011)
  7. Butcher’s Lab, Denmark
  8. CFH Iceland, Iceland
  9. Butcher’s Garage, Denmark (CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup 2011)
  10. CrossFit Falun Måndagsklubben, Sweden (tied with 2 non-Scandinavian teams)

Of course the teams are harder to judge from the Opens given that many athletes might chose to go for the individual competition at the Regionals. It will be interesting to see the composition of teams at the end of May!

One thing is certain: Scandinavian athletes will fight for a spot at the Regionals, and the motivation has only been fortified by the fact that the competition will take place at their “home arena”. So far, we have only seen what the athletes are capable of in terms of burpees and snatches; Nothing is set in stone yet!

By Ditte & Sarah


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