CrossFit Couchsurfing – Regional in Copenhagen 2012


Maria is the woman behind the Facebook group “Crossfit Couchsurfing – Regional in Copenhagen 2012”. I sat down with her to hear her about her thoughts behind the group. 

How did you get the idea?

Well, actually Sarah – you started this whole thing, you’re my inspiration. I’ve seen the efforts and hard work you’ve put into CrossFit in Denmark over the past 4 years.

Everyday I gain so much from CrossFit that I just want to give back.

For me, the more people who joins us in Copenhagen for the Regionals, the better… and with the Regional ticket being only 20$ for a whole weekend of CrossFit fun, CrossFit Tour throwing a huge party on Sunday 27th., a plane ticket for app. 100$/70€ from anywhere in Europe and staying with a fellow CrossFitter for free – why not come?

What is your experience with CrossFitters couchsurfing?

Back in 2009, you “coerced” me into opening my home to two CrossFitter coming to Denmark for the first “Fit as F*ck” challenge.

Usually I’m actually a very private person and would never have thought of doing anything like that. But you convinced me.

Ómar Ómar Agustsson from Iceland and Joey Scafidi an American from Prague came and stayed for the weekend. We had a blast and I realized it wasn’t so scary :o)

Since then I’ve had Sarah Grey from Sweden – now living in New York and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir from Iceland (a girl I believe will soon be the next Annie!) staying  with me.

Oh, and one time Blair Morrison and Jason Mulligan ended up on the couches as well when a party ended, because they couldn’t find their way home.

I’d recommend anyone to try it.

Who is the group for?

The group is for CrossFitters. Whether it being participating athletes, spectators,  volunteers or the people with the couches.

Why should I lend out my couch to a fellow CrossFitter?

Because it’s an amazing experience! Like I said, I never thought I’d do it – but I love it now. I gives me an opportunity to meet CrossFitters from foreign places, learn about their background and culture.

Each and every time I’ve had someone stay it’s given me fond memories and friends out there in the world.

So, if I want to sign up, what should I do?

I’ve created a closed Facebook group, where people can find each other. You should find the group and request to join.

The idea is that you (if you’re looking for a place to stay) write a post on the wall. Let people know when you’ll be arriving and how many days you’re staying.

People with couches/beds/sheds/floors or whatever it might be can then “grab” you on the wall. And then you two can arrange everything between you.

Or if you’re the person with the couches/beds/sheds/floors then do the opposite. Write a post on the wall and let people know how many you can accommodate, for how long and so forth.

You’ll find the group here:

What about food and drinks etc.?

Couchsurfing is couchsurfing – people borrowing a place to stay, nothing else. So don’t feel obligated to do anything else – if you want to start cooking 5-star meals, I’m sure you’re more than welcome to, however that’s just a bonus. One thing people staying might like to do, is to borrow your refrigerator and maybe cook themselves a meal.

What do you hope will happen?

If I can create a space where just one person finds a place to stay, then I’ve succeed. Of course I’m hoping for a LOT more!

Denmark and Copenhagen in particular has a HUGE CrossFit Community – with more than 6000 CrossFitters. My hope is that we can lead the way and pave a path for the CrossFit Couchsurfing at the Regionals not only this year but next year and the years to come.


2 thoughts on “CrossFit Couchsurfing – Regional in Copenhagen 2012

  1. Hi

    I am Ramla from London UK. I don’t have facebook but I am very much interested in couching surfing for crossfitters. I love this new community and what crossfit has done to my body

    Can you please let me who I can contact to organise a visit

    Thank you ramla

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