My Garage Gym: Andreas Nissen

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Name: Andreas Nissen

Age: 33

Location: The Island of Fyn, Denmark

For how long have you been having your own Gym?

Its not a gym, more of a collection of training equipment I have at home. Some of the stuff are homemade and leftovers from our annual Farmer Games event.

Do you train other places as well where?

I do train at at Globo Gym called Fitness World, mostly to get out and meet other people.

How often do you train at your garage Gym?

Depending on the season. In the summer I train a lot at home and on the road in front of my house, my neighbours think Im crazy running with tiresleds and doing powercleans at the sidewalk.

How big is it?

Well, since I use my patio, my garden, the sidewalk in front of my house and the road I live on….. its quite big!

What kind of equipment do you have?

I have a barbell with bumpers, Kettlebells, ropes, sleds, and a mobile squatrack. I am planning on building a platform in my backyard.
It will be made from old floorboards from my fathers house.

What equipment do you use the most?

I mostly use barbell, and do the main lifts, squat, deadlift and benchpressing.

What kind of WODs/training do you do?

I like to combine some powerlifting (squats/deadlift/cleans) with sprints or dragging my tiresled. Must admit I have mostly been squatting the last 3 months.

What do you like the most about your garage gym?

Well… its convenient! I dont have to use time on transporting myself back and forth to the Gym, I can have friends over for coffee and squats (how awesome is that?!). I can get my workout done while my daughter sleeps.

In the summer I can bring the equipment outside and train in the sun, I get to decide what music to listen to … and the list goes on


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