My Garage Gym: Allan Hansen

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Name: Allan Hansen

Age: 33

For how long have you been having your own Gym?
I live in a house in the middle of nowhere in the northern region of Funen. My home gym started with some homemade equipment, we build for The Farmer Games competition. Over the last two years, I have accumulated more and more equipment – mostly homemade. My house isn’t big enough to have an indoor gym, so I store my stuff in a small garage and bring it outside whenever the weather allows it. I’ve been more serious about creating a true home gym for the last three months. I have built a weightlifting platform, and have plans for a real pull up rack (that’s a tree-branch right now) and a squat-rack.

Do you train other places as well where?
I train at the local weightlifting club in Odense, and attend various seminars around the country. I’ve been using the local Fitness World in the winter, but I usually grow bored when the gym is to polished, so I don’t train there at the moment.

How often do you train at your garage Gym?
I use it 3-4 times a week.

How big is it?
Well, since it’s outside it’s quite big. I have a 2500m2 garden with a small grove, and I use the near by dirt roads for sled pulling and sprinting.

What kind of equipment do you have?
A barbell, 140 kg’s in plates, some kettlebells, sandbags, tiresleds, a lifting platform, old barrels I use as squat-racks, rubberbands and a weightvest.

What equipment do you use the most?
My barbells and kettlebells.

What kind of WODs/training do you do?
I love explosive training, so heavy basic lifts followed by short intense sprints is a favorite of mine. The Olympic lifts is another great passion, and something that has a high priority in my training regiment. I generally try to keep things simple and intense.

What do you like the most about your garage gym?
I like the solitude and being outside. My platform is right by a small lake and that’s just an unbeatable view. I didn’t think, I had the backbone to push myself, and be able to train hard alone when I first started doing crossfit, but now I prefer it over big classes or crowded gyms.


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