My Garage Gym: Thomas Rode Andersen

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Name: Thomas Rode Andersen


For how long have you been having your own Gym?
For aprox. 5 years. I have gathered the stuff little by little !

Do you train other places as well + where?
I love to look at my self as a training nomad. I train with a lot of different places, with a lot of different people, in a lot of different ways. At the moment I’m a “Butcher” member of both The Lab and The Garage, both awesome boxes gathering an inspired and highly motivated crowd. Furthemore, I’m training in Captain’s Gym and attend weightlifting traing in various places. I love to train outside too, be it rain, snow or on a sunny day at Hornbaek Beach. Kgs Have and Østre anlæg which is close to my home are often used as training venue. I’ll bring climbing rope, gym rings, and kettlebells that I keep in my appartment.

How often do you train at your garage Gym?
I have my garage gym in my summerhouse where I have my kids two days a week, and I’ll try to work out and arrange training sessions with friends as often as possible.

How big is it?
Its not that big, fairly a couple of squaremeters, but enough to fit in a squat rack for the Big lifts. WL is performed outside on the terrace as long as it lasts anyways. I’m planning to do a proper outside liftting platform this summer. A wodden terrace and a falling barbell with 120 kg seems to be a bad, bad combo !

What kind of equipment do you have?
– barbell with aprox 200 kgs of bumpers
– squat rack
– a homemade rig with PU bar, a higher Gym ring mount facility for MU’s
– Kettlebells from 8 – through- 32 kg
– Rubberbands
– Belt for weigthed pulls ups and dips
– a bench produly provided by the Captain himself
– dumbbells ( which I never use )
– Gods green nature

What equipment do you use the most?
– squat rack and barbells

What kind of WODs/training do you do?
– everything actually. I try to vari as much as possible. Do what I feel like and depending on the guys passing by, but quite a wide mix, trying to make it as funny and giving at the same time.

What do you like the most about your garage gym?
– That Im able to train when it god damn suits me and being outside !


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