My Garage Gym: Nikolaj Kaufmann

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Name: Nikolaj Kaufmann

Age: 32

For how long have you been having your own Gym?

I will have my own gym in the beginning of April. Until now I have had a lot of equipment in my shed and used it outdoors. I guess I have been gathering since I bought my first kettlebells back in 2004-ish.

Do you train other places as well where?
I am a very social person, so I do train at Crossfit The Royal Guards, Fitnessworld and FitnessDK. I also enjoy to visit other boxes, such as Butchers Garage and Crossfit copenhagens different boxes from time to time.

How often do you train at your garage Gym?
During the winter I only use my stuff about once a week, in the spring and summertime, I use it 3-4 times a week and is seen less often in the commercial centers.

How big is it?
My new homegym. (in our new house) will be 16 squaremeters + outdoor fascilities. Until now I have been using our backyard, the forrest, our front porch, the local playground (for pullups) and the green areas around our house.

What kind of equipment do you have?
7 Palles, used for boxjump and heavy sandbagload.
Sled for dragging.
2 Barbells, 1 Fatbar Barbell + ~250 kg. plates, some bumpers, some not.
Homemade Sandbags from 30-80 kg. – the 80 kg. can be adjusted with plates and goes to 150 kg.
Jerrycans + 2×75 kg. homemade “suitcases” for farmerwalk.
3×30 m. rope from 40-100 mm.
KB from 8-40 kg.
4 + 12 kg. Hammer + 2 SMASH HIT tires.
2×25 mm. + 2×50 mm. Dumbell handles.
Pushup handles.
Skipping ropes (pff.. worst buy EVER)
and… some other stuff here and there.

What equipment do you use the most?
My 80 kg. sandbag is my baby! She can be used for carrying, loading, bearhugsquat etc.
In the summertime I like to put her on a sled and drag her with the thick ropes or just make her look, while i beat the crap out of a tire with my 12 kg. hammer.
I’ve had my squatrack outside, but it is just plain shit in danish weather. There is no doubt that my Barbells will be used much more when I can train indoors.

What kind of WODs/training do you do?
For the last 6 months I’ve had very limited sparetime for training. When this happens I like to keep it as simple as possible. This could be something like 10 rounds of 10 Bearhugsquats with the sandbag + 20 heavy tiresmash.
When my schedule is off the chart I have to do it even more simple. I walk the dog every morning and/or evening, and I simply carry a 32 kg. KB. with me, doing unilateral farmers walk. Or I carry a 24 kg. KB starting with waiters walk, shifting arm, then farmers walk, shifting, and so forth. Or just carrying a 40 kg. sandbag with me, carrying it only asymmetric on one shoulder at the time. Doing this, while walking a dog for 45 min., on an uneven surface, in the forrest, combined with the one and only, golden rule: “Don’t put the weight down until crossing the finishline (that’s our frontdoor)”, it makes a tremendous good workout for the traps, shoulders, upper back and midsection.

What do you like the most about your garage gym?
I can train when it fits my schedule, when my kids are at sleep, or I can do KB. thrusters on the porch and do the dishes in the breaks (takes a long time to do the dishes this way). It is wonderful for a “quick in-quick out” training, I can train in the sun or at night under the stars (one of my favorites) and breath fresh air!

At any time, we can do curlouts while flipping meat on the grill, hey, what can I say – it’s wonderful!


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