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1) What is your connection with the Danish Military?
I’m a 1st Lieutenant and work in the Danish Army.

2) What is your background (educational background, sports background)?
I graduated from the military academy back in 2007 and have worked in different jobs in the army since. I just recently returned from Afghanistan where I was deployed for 6 months.
My sports background is swimming at a national team level and for the last couple of years i have been competing on the armed forces team in naval pentathlon. Now i focus only on competitive CrossFit.

3) Are you inspired by CrossFit in your daily work/training?
I train to be a competitive crossfitter, so my training is mainly CrossFit. I have used crossfit in training for soldiers as well, with great success.

4) What does CrossFit and military training have in common?
The focus on functionality is where I see a lot of similarities. Today the physical tests designed by the military contain excersises like the deadlift, lunges, pullups and various core excersises, which is very similar to many of the movements used in a typical CrossFit workout. This makes it very easy to design CrossFit workouts for soldiers with the aim of preparing them for not only the tests, but also for deployments, for example to Afghanistan.

5) What is your favorite workout(s)?
I think a workout like “Amanda” is one of the best designed WODs in the CrossFit community. Its low reps, but need for much skill, makes it pretty unique. I also like a lot of the hero WODs, like “Murph” and “The Seven”, although I don’t see much physical benefit in those longer lasting workouts. Its more a test of mind and character.


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