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1) What is your connection with the Danish Military?

I’m working for the Centre for Kinesiology (Center for Idræt) in the Danish Military as an Athletics and Health Advisor (Idrætsleder).

2) What is your background (educational background, sports background)?

I’m a master in Exercise Physiology and have a BA degree in Sports Science and Public Health. I have a background in athletics and more recently triathlon and CrossFit. I’ve been coaching and instructing in various sports for 10 years, including CrossFit for more than 4 years. Recently I’ve been asked to coach and supervise the Butchers Lab Competition Team up to the 2013 Regional’s and CF Games.

3) Are you inspired by CrossFit in your daily work/training?

Actually, a lot of my daily work is still concerning CrossFit. I teach CF at a local civil gym, and lead an Advanced Circuit Training instructor’s seminar. Recently I’ve started a new CF-related (though not affiliated) department in the local military sports club where I am also the vice president. In my daily work at the military base, one of my recent assignments from the Centre for Kinesiology is to evaluate CF and the use of its methods in relation to the physical training of soldiers and the possible benefits and risks relating to it. Especially concerning the use of CF in deployment I Afghanistan where we suspect a lot of injuries are related to unsafe and inexperienced use of the CF methods.

4) What does CrossFit and military training have in common?

In the Danish Military we have a system of physical training called, well, Military Physical Training. It is constructed around functional training and many aspects do relate to the CF methods but have inherent military aspects and have been designed to be implemented in the typical framework of a recruit or professional soldier, be they either military, naval or Air force. It does not, however, have the same inherent motivational aspects, such as high degree of competition, whiteboard monitoring, etc. There is also less emphasis on training to failure and less use of technically difficult and risky exercises such as Olympic weight lifting and kipping pull ups. We do how ever do a lot of sprinting, marching, orienteering, strength training and combination training.

5) What is your favorite workout(s)?

My favourite WOD would be short and intense, e.g. Grace or Isabelle, especially those two because I love to snatch and C&J.

Looking forward to getting my CF level 1 cert along with Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup this summer at the Royal Danish Lifeguards military base.


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