Ready for Regionals: Marianna Tzourtzek (Greece)

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  • Name: Marianna Tzourtzek
  • City + Country: Athens, Greece
  • CrossFit Affiliate: CrossFit Hellas
  • Participating individually/team: Individual Women
  • Have you been to the Regionals/CrossFit Games previously? European Regionals 2011, 7th Place
  • How has your training been leading up to the CrossFit Opens 2012? It’s more focused on strength training and especially Olympic Lifting with specialized coaches at CrossFit, Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting.
  • How will your training be leading up to the CrossFit Regionals 2012? More CrossFit workouts focused on strength and still working on gymnastics and Olympic Lifting seperately.
  • What is your favorite WOD for Regionals? DIANE – I was waiting for it.
  • What is your least favorite WOD for Regionals? WOD3, DB one arm Snatch @70lbs and Sprints. This one will be very tough!
  • What will you be focusing on leading up to the Regionals? All Workouts and wise training, staying out of injuries and not avoiding recovery days when needed.
  • Who are your biggest competitors at Reginoals? Jenny Jacobsen from Sweden (CrossFit Nordic). Very strong, tiny girl 🙂
  • Which WOD are you most excited to see performed? The Final Workout..It’s ong and it has everything in there.
  • Who are your most excited to see in action (men/women/teams)? Men: Matteo Piran, Frederik Aegidius,Lacee Kovacs / Women: Jenny Jacobsen, Caroline Fryklud/ Teams: Team Butcher’s Garage

3-2-1 GO!



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