Ready for Regionals: Ellinor Rehnström (Sweden)

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  • Name: Ellinor Rehnström
  • Country: Sweden
  • CrossFit Affiliate: Crossfit Nordic
  • Participating individually/team: Individually
  • Have you been to the Regionals/CrossFit Games previously? No never, last year I qualified for the Regionals but I couldn’t go…
  • How has your training been leading up to the CrossFit Opens 2012? After “SM” (Swedish CrossFit challenge) in October 2011 I did 6 weeks of Garage Volume Training. That helpt me al lot and I got much stronger by doing that program. After that I made new PR in snatch, clean, bench press and deadlift. And then I started doing more metcons but I still did a few heavy wourkouts every week.
  • How will your training be leading up to the CrossFit Regionals 2012? I´m focusing on getting stronger, better at my weaknesses. And that is pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes to bar…
  • What is your favorite WOD for Regionals? My favorite is event 2. The one with row, pistols and hang clean. I think I’m going to preform good at that one. I also look forward to the snatch ladder.
  • What is your least favorite WOD for Regionals? I really dont look forward to event 4. I’m having a hard time with the motivation for that one. It’s too many reps for me, it gets boring but at the same time my body is going to scream of pain. I don’t like pullups so 120 feels like hell.
  • What will you be focusing on leading up to the Regionals? Improving my mucle ups and getting more confident with the heavy snatches both one armed and with the bar. Getting my body ready for that kind of volume that these 3 days will include.
  • Who are your biggest competitors at Regionals? It’s hard to say. I just know the swedish girls. My biggest competitor is my dear friend and workout buddy, Louise Åkesson. I also think Malin Nyström is going to be tough.
  • Who are your most excited to see in action? Its going to be fun to se Katrin Tanya Davidsdottir. I had never heard of her until the Open and she really impressed me. I also look forward to se all my Swedish CrossFit friends perform.

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