Ready for Regionals: Essi Koskinen (Finland)

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  • Name: Essi Koskinen
  • Country: Finland
  • CrossFit Affiliate: CrossFit Espoo
  • Participating individually/team: Individual
  • Have you been to the Regionals/CrossFit Games previously?
    Regionals 2011, 8th
  • How has your training been leading up to the CrossFit Opens 2012?
    I have been working on max strength and olympic lifting techniques. I have done also quite a lot of skill training. Trying to be better at everything comparing last year.
  • How will your training be leading up to the CrossFit Regionals 2012? I’m focusing on the WODs we’re going to have at Regionals and my weaknesses on them. Trying to do everything I can before the Regionals.
  • What is your favorite WOD for Regionals?
    WOD number 1 and 2
  • What is your least favorite WOD for Regionals?
    WOD number 3
  • What will you be focusing on leading up to the Regionals?
    Not stressing too much, eating well and staying healthy 🙂
  • Who are your biggest competitors at Regionals?
    There are a lot of newcomers and of course the same competitors who have all improved from last year. You could tell already based on the Open results that the level is much higher than last year and it’s impossible to mention any names. There are so many who have a chance to make it to the Games and I think all the individuals will be very tough competitors.
  • Which WOD are you most excited to see performed?
    I have to say WOD 4. It’s going to be a killer one.
  • Who are your most excited to see in action (men/women/teams)?
    The old names who have made it to the Games last year (and earlier) and the newcomers who are competing in the Regionals for the first time this year.

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