Ready for Regionals: Sara Ellegaard Andreasen (Denmark)

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Name: Sara Ellegaard Andreasen
Country: Denmark
CrossFit Affiliate: Crossfit OBBC
Participating individually/team: individually

Have you been to the Regionals/CrossFit Games previously?: nope

How has your training been leading up to the CrossFit Opens 2012?: Not very organized.. In the winter i trained strength following a GVT/crossfit program. From mid january I trained som weightlifting and metcons. And I have participated in a ton of crossfit competitions to get used to the atmosphere.

How will your training be leading up to the CrossFit Regionals 2012? I will be training with Hrund Scheving (also from CrossFit OBBC and participation individually) and focusing on my weaknesses. And I will try to do multiple WODs a day more often. I will try to follow the programming on because it looks cool

What is your favorite WOD for Regionals?
Diane! My favorite girl 🙂

What is your least favorite WOD for Regionals?
WOD3. I have to practice my DB snatches a lot just to make it through..

What will you be focusing on leading up to the Regionals?
My weaknesses; heavy DB snatches, heavy hang cleans and MU.

Who are your biggest competitors at Regionals?
All the icelandic women including Hrund!

Which WOD are you most excited to see performed?
Diane and the snatch ladder

Who are your most excited to see in action (men/women/teams)?
All the danish women, men and teams competing. And on the women’s side if must be Annie and Katrin. They are awesome athletes


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