Ready for Regionals: Team Spartan Warriors (Denmark)

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Spartan Mentality CrossFit is a new affiliate in Denmark. They’re awesome athletes, and are sending Anders Galaly and their team to Regionals.

  • Team name: Spartan Warriors
  • CrossFit Affiliate: Spartan mentality Crossfit, Denmark
  • Team members: Sveina, Julie, Pia, René, Claus, Martin
  • Have you been to the Regionals/CrossFit Games previously? No
  • How has your training been leading up to the CrossFit Opens 2012? The outlaw way
  • How will your training be leading up to the CrossFit Regionals 2012?
    Continue as we’ve been doing + add team trainings and skills work
  • What is your favorite WOD for Regionals?
    Team WOD nr. 4. It will burn and require a lots of teamwork and WOD nr. 6.
  • What is your least favorite WOD for Regionals?
    WOD nr. 2 that is som heavy a*s s**t!!
  • What will you be focusing on leading up to the Regionals? Team spirit.- generally optimize doing workouts as a team
  • Who are your biggest competitors at Regionals? could be Team Butcher’s Garage and Team Butcher’s Lab – both strong teams
  • Which WOD are you most excited to see performed?
    Mens WOD 2 and the finale
  • Who are your most excited to see in action (men/women/teams)?
    Men (Anders Galaly from Spartan Mentality, Phillip Bengtsson, Frederik Ægidius and Lacey Kovacs amongst others) – the workouts this year is so heavy that it will be difficult even for the strong men and women

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