Ready for Regionals: Adam Shackell (England)

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  • Name: Adam Shackell
  • CrossFit Affiliate: CrossFit Bath
  • Participating team/individually? Individual
  • Have you previously participated in the Regionals? I have been to regionals on 3 previous occasions (2009,2010,2011), with a best place finish of 4th in 2009, admittedly there was only 14 athletes.
  • How has your training been leading up to Opens? My training has been mainly olympic lifting focused. I felt this was a big weakness for me, and following “The Outlaw Way” for the last 4 months has really helped me get my lifts up, and build confidence with weights in the 70-90% range.
  • How will your training be leading up to Regionals? My training will be similiar to the past 4 months, I will continue to follow “Outlaw” , focusing on weightlifting and increasing my strength numbers. I will keep my conditioning ticking over, but i don’t feel this Regional is really a test of tank so to speak, I think the stronger guys will generally do better
  • Favourite WOD:  is probably Diane as I feel I can put up a good time for this. WOD 2, looks really good as well and a great test of all round athleticism.
  • Least favourite WOD: would have to probably be WOD 4, I think that one is going to hurt the most out of all of them, but in a sick way I’m looking forward to them all.
  • Rivals: My biggest rivals at regionals are the other 59 athletes. Anyone on their day, at that level can win a workout. I’m not putting any pressure on myself this year, my main goal is to make WOD 6, and what ever happens from there, I would be happy with. I feel prepared for every event this year, and I haven’t been able to say that in years gone by, so I will be more relaxed going into the event.
  • Which WOD are you most excited to watch? Most excited to see the DB Snatch workout. We have some seriously strong guys in our Regionals, and I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy fast times from some of the big guns!
  • Favorites: Looking forward to them all really, if I had to pick some, probably Bengtsson, due to his amazing performance in the open, and Mikko Aronpaa. I competed with Mikko in 2010 in Sweden, seeing him miss out on LA by 1 point. So ever since then I’ve always wanted to see him do well, and was really happy for him to see him make the Games last year. Being slightly biased I would obviously like to see any British athlete do well 🙂 and see our team CrossFit Bath pushing the Scandanavian boxes all the way!

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