New Inspiration: Great CrossFit Blog (CompetitorsWOD)

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A great CrossFit blog by Ben Bergeron:

“Programming Philosophy
Everyday athletes (police, fire, military and soccer moms) need to be in a “constant ready state,” they don’t know when or what life will demand of them. Regional and Games athletes should be training differently. 

We know exactly when “Gameday” is, and we should be setting up our programming to peak on a that date. To do this we periodize the year into training cycles (Micro and Meso Cycles) that focus specific stimulus and adaptations. 

August: Recovery September-October: Max Effort Strength (get ha-uge!) 
November-December: Speed Strength (whadayasnatch?) 
January: Focus Work (goat killing) – Use this Athlete Profile to determine what you should focus on. 
February-March: Metcon (build the engine) April-May: 
Regional Prep (prime the engine and prep for known events) 
June-July: Beast Mode (you’re a freak!)

Our goal is the continued development of our GPP (a broad, general and inclusive fitness) throughout the year, but to also take advantage of the known aspects of our sport and work with the natural psychology of CrossFit athletes. 

I will do my part to give you my best programming and coaching, please do your part by posting to comments.”


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