Summer (CrossFit) Reads // “Mental training for peak performance” by Steven Ungerleider

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Why it’s worth reading:

this book gives great examples of how mental training can be implemented into the physical training, combined with short anecdotes and stories from world class athletes experiences of the importance of mental training.

The book is divided into chapters concerning specific mental training techniques, which gives the reader an opportunity to try out simple techniques themselves without supervision.

The book also take into consideration specific sport disciplines, such as cycling, golf, running, swimming an much more.

An easy to read practical book with great points on the mental aspects.

Favorite passage:

Chapter 10 : “Get psyched without loosing your edge”

“The important thing to remember about keeping your edge is to be in control. You, the athlete, must know and feel that you are in control. You should feel so confident that you expect the unexpected” ..

Book review by Janne, follow her blog on mental training here:


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