A training week in the life of Philip Bengtsson, Malmö (Sweden)


Name: Philip Bengtsson
Country: Sweden
Gym: CrossFit Malmö
Age: 25
Job: CrossFit
Sport: CrossFit

How do you plan, log and track your training? I tried to use beyond the whiteboard but the easiest way for me is just to write everything down in my computer. Right now I have a weekly off-season program that I’ll follow 20 weeks ahead, but all the details are filled in on the day or the day before my workout. I’m not bound to the program, I listen to my body a lot. If I feel too sore, or just heard about a crazy workout I want to try, I do it. On the off-season (right now) I do a little whatever I want, mostly focusing on getting stronger. Me and my coach Alex Krüger do the programming.

Next competition: Butcher’s Team Classics in Denmark (end of August 2012)
Next goal: CrossFit Regionals 2013

Your best advice on planning and logging your training?

Write it down and listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to change your programming when you realize that it isn’t optimal for you.
1 week of training in Philip’s life


  • Row
  • On the min WOD
  • Skill Training
  • Squat + assistance exercises
  • Heavy MetCon
  • Core (10min)


  • Snatch
  • Press + assistance exercises
  • Skill Training
  • Heavy MetCon
  • Heavy MetCon


  • Clean
  • On the min WOD
  • Heavy MetCon
  • Deadlift + assistance exercises
  • Core 20min
  • Mobility work 20min
  • Row


  • Press + assistance exercises
  • Heavy MetCon
  • Heavy MetCon
  • Skill Training


  • Row
  • Snatch
  • Squat + assistance exercises
  • Heavy MetCon
  • On the min WOD


  • RestDay


  • Yoga
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Skill Training
  • Long Endurance MetCon

Last Week’s Programming:


Row warmup 10 min

On the min 10 C2B on the min (10min)

Skill: 30 RopeClimbs for time

Squat: 8-8-8-4-4-4
Assistance: Front Rack Lunges 8-8-8

Heavy MetCon “King Kong AMRAP 20min”

1 Deadlift (206kg)
2 M.U
3 Squat Cleans (113kg)

Core AMRAP 10min of:
20 Barbell tips
15 weighted Situps (2x16kg KBs)
10 T2B with 4kg Medball btw legs



Snatch 15min to find a max Snatch for the day.

Then: 20 reps for time at 80% of your max Snatch
Press: 5-4-3-2-1
Assistance: 3 Sets of 15 Strict Dips
Heavy Metcon1: 12-9-6 for time of:
OHS 75kg
Boxjumps 80cm
Heavy Metcon2: 3 rounds for time of:
10 Front Squat (100kg)


Clean: Hang Power Cleans 6-6-6-3-3-3-1-1-1

On the min 10min:
even min: 6 Hang Power Cleans (102,5kg)//odd min: 10 C2B

Sumo Deadlifts: start with 100kg and raise 10kgs each set (10sets)
Assistance: On the min 10min
even min: 15 KB-Swings (32kg)
odd min: 10 Double Russian Swings (2x24kg)

Core workout for time:
80 Situps, 60 Back Ext, 40 T2B, 60 Situps, 40 Back Ext, 20 T2B, 40 Situps, 20 Back Ext, 10 T2B
Row for 5min/ rest 3min (repeat 3 times)

Stretching 20min



Press + Assistance + Heavy MetCon1: 5 rounds of:
Max reps Bench Press @ 120% bw
Max reps weighted pull-ups (24kg)

Skill1: 3 Sets of L-sit: 40sec – 30sec – 20sec
Skill2: 200 WallBalls for time with partner (1 work/1rest)
Heavy MetCon2 – 3 rounds for time of:
21 KB-Thrusters (2x20kg)
7 M.U

Row “Beat the paceboat”
600m – 1: 40>, 500m – 1:38>, 400m – 1:35>, 300m – 1:32>, 200m – 1:28>, 100m – 1:25>
Snatch Technique day: 40min light weight snatches.
On the min: 3 Snatch @ 70kg and 50m Sprint (every min for 6min)
Squat: Find a 3rep Max BackSquat
Assistance: Step ups (box 35cm): 10-10-10-10 (40,60,80,100kg)
MetCon: 5 Front Squats (100kg) followed by 2min obstacle course, 5 rounds with rest btw.
Extra: AMRAP 6min: 6/6 Pistols & 40 D.U

Extra2: 100m Handstand walk, 100m BearCrawl, 100m OH Lunges for time.


Skipped Yoga-class (this happens way too often, dammit!)
: Ring Progressions 20min

Clean & Jerk: start with 60kg, do 3 reps and then put on 10kg more. Find your max for the day by doing like this, 3 reps with rest btw at every weight.
Long Endurance MetCon for time:
1000m run, 5 “Cindy” rounds, 10 C&J @ 60kg

800m run, 4 “Cindy” rounds, 8 C&J
600m run, 3 “Cindy” rounds, 6 C&J
400m run, 2 “Cindy” rounds, 4 C&J
200m run, 1 “Cindy” round, 2 C&J

Extra: Tabata 16min: Hollow Rock, Plank, Handstand hold, Back Ext.


2 thoughts on “A training week in the life of Philip Bengtsson, Malmö (Sweden)

  1. That is an insane workload… good thing I’m prettier then you chubby…

  2. And have you survived this week??? It’s more than beast!!!

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