My training diary: Jesper Kristensen, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Name: Jesper Kristensen
Country: Denmark
Gym: Crossfit Copenhagen
Age: 29
Job: Professional swim coach and crossFit coach
Sport: CrossFit… former swimmer
How do you plan, log and track your training? I have a blog on facebook
Your personal www: (great log with daily training, thoughts, videos, pictures etc.)
Next competition(s): Butcher’s Team Classics (AUG 2012), FIT AS FU*K (SEPT 2012)
Next goal(s): A place in the final to FIT AS FU*K 2012 and qualification to Regionals in 2013 


My training is periodized, so I do not do that much CrossFit at the moment, but have my focus on weightlifting.

This is a normal week for me:

Monday: Weightlifting + Strength training 

Tuesday: Strength training + WOD/interval running + skills

Wednesday: Weightlifting + WOD + skills

Thursday: rest

Friday: Weightlifting + Strength training

Saturday: Strength training + skills + WOD/prowler/sled

Sunday: rest

Your best advice on planning and logging your training?

Plan ahead, remember the big picture, always write down what you do!


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