My training diary: Kristoffer Kjaer, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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  • Name: Kristoffer Kjaer
  • Country: Denmark
  • Gym: Butcher’s Garage
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Business Development Program Manager, Enterprise Software, Schneider Electric
  • Sport: CrossFit

 How do you plan, log and track your training?

At the moment I am following a three on/one off/two on/one off training program focusing on strength and oly lifting with three metcons a week to improve strength numbers. Working weak skills several times per week, but keeping the volume lower then what I have been used to since I started CF last year. This will continue until the fall where I will test my strength and conditioning and set a plan for the winter months.

 Your personal www:

 Next competition(s): Butcher’s Classics, team (August 2012), FitAsFu*k, individual (September 2012)

 Next goal(s): My goals for my current template are purely strength and oly lifting oriented. I will test at the end of September and plan my winter training based on this.

  • Snatch: 90 kg (June 1st 1RM: 70 kg)
  • Clean and jerk: 115 kg (June 1st 1RM: 100 kg)
  • Back squat: 150 kg (June 1st 1RM: 135 kg)
  • Deadlift: 190 kg (June 1st 1RM: 170 kg)
  • Press: 75 kg (June 1st 1RM: 65 kg)
  • Push press: 100 kg (June 1st 5RM: 80 kg)

 My weekly training template looks like this:

  • Monday: Snatch variation, Back Squat volume, Press volume (OH, bench, dips).
  • Tuesday: Double conditioning (metcons).
  • Wednesday: Rest.
  • Thursday: Gymnastics, auxiliary (DB presses, rows, hip bridges, core work)
  • Friday*: Oly max attempts. Front Squat or DL, Auxiliary exercises (GHR, RDLs, sleds).
  • Saturday: C&J variations, Pull volume (pullup, rows, clean pull), conditioning (metcon).
  • Sunday: Rest.

* Even weeks in c+j 1RM + snatch variations, odd weeks is snatch 1RM + c+j variations.

Tuesday conditioning is programmed by Sarah Krarup and Saturday’s is grabbed from either Rudy Nielsen’s Outlaw program or CrossFit Football.

The template is subject to change during the week as I am often travelling for work. I try to get all the strength volume done on other days if I have to reschedule, and stick to doing all my oly max lifts and variations. Generally I am able to reschedule and catch up, but if something has to give it’s going to be the conditioning during this training focus.

Your best advice on planning and logging your training?

Create an open training log and have training partners follow it. This creates a commitment to more people than just yourself. Set a series of goals within a specific time frame and focus, and don’t try to improve everything all the time.


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