Ready for the FIT AS FU*K Challenge 2012: Kasper Myrup (The Dirty Gym, Denmark)

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  • Name: Kasper Myrup
  • Gym: The Dirty Gym
  • Country: Denmark
  • Division: Mens individual
  • What’s your reason for participating in the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge? I crossfit and spend alot of time in the gym. So I’m looking forward to go out an compete against other athletes and figure out what level I’m on right now. Further more I’m looking forward to be spending a good day in Copenhagen and get a physical beating.:-)
  • Participation in previous FIT AS FU*K challenges + best placement? I participated in the Fit as Fuck challenge 2012 – finished as number 25.
  • How will you prepare for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 challenge? I’m not doing anything special to prepare for the Fit as Fuck Challenge – I just follow my normal training routine.
  • What movements are you hoping to see? Personally I would like to see a heavy Split Jerk and alot of HSPU – More regular crossfit and less weightlifting, although I know that’s not gonna happen.:-)
  • Your favorite WOD + time? Diane 3.03 or some sort of long Hero wod.
  • Your favorite lift + kg? Split Jerk -115 kg

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