Ready for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge: Benedicte Andersen (CrossFit Bergen, Norway)

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  • Name: Benedicte Andersen
  • Gym: Crossfit Bergen
  • Country: Norway
  • Division: Women’s
  • What’s your reason for participating in the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge? A friend of mine challenged me, so I thought: “why not? The worst thing that can happen is that I finish last, and personally I am going accomplish a lot just by trying and doing my best!”
  • Participation in previous FIT AS FU*K challenges + best placement? Nope…
  • Participation in other big challenges + placement? Harbour Hellday 2012, 20th place (out of 25 :p )
  • How will you prepare for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 challenge? Train better and harder. Try to eat better as well.
  • What movements are you hoping to see? Pullups, pushups, situps…I like “ups”, just not muscle ups!;)
  • Your favorite WOD + time? Helen, I think, time: 11.46. Or no, maybe Michael, time: 18:42.

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