More info about the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge


:::3rd annual FIT AS FU*K Challenge:::

Date: 22. September 2012 (all day)


  • Preferrably on Friday 21st September @ 12:00-6:00PM (afternoon) 
  • Saturday 22nd September @ 7:15-08.00AM (morning)
  • Sign-in Friday and Saturday at Toftegårds Plads (2500, Valby) Copenhagen, Denmark, entrance door: “Kultur Valby”, orange entrance facade with glass door

People signing in on Friday will be placed in the later heats, and the people signing in on Saturday in the first heats. 1 person can sign in the entire team and/or more team and/or individuals.

Meeting time on Saturday 22nd September: 8:30 AM at the latest!

Briefing: all briefings will be released by video here on the blog during the week of the challenge – maybe even before 🙂 Questions to be asked in the comments below (by judges/volunteers and athletes).

Address: Toftegårds Plads (2500, valby) Copenhagen area, Denmark

Number of work-outs: 3 for all (4 for the finalists)

Scoring system: 1 point for the best, 2 points for the second etc.

Cut-offs: to be revealed later.


  • Men (individual)
  • Women (individual)
  • Teams (1 woman + 2 men)

Information for all volunteers:

  • First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting us and the community in Europe!
  • We’ll send more info by mail to all of you the week leading up to the event
  • All volunteers will receive a t-shirt and lunch (for volunteers helping out all day)
  • Volunteers should sign-in at the same times as the athletes (Friday afternoon/Saturday morning, see above)
  • A tentative list/sechedule for volunteers will be mailed the week leading up to the event
  • Judges/helpers should familiarize themselves with the WODs (video briefing online, see above), standards and the schedule of the day (will be sent by mail to all participants)
  • It might rain, so bring suiting clothes (raining clothes, no umbrellas)


  • Bring your own jump rope
  • Bring normal crossfit shoes and weightlifting shoes if you have any
  • Wrist wraps and belts are allowed
  • Powerlifting suits and straps is not allowed

Warm-up area

  • In the basketball area (as last time)
  • Warm up 1-2 heats prior to your own
  • There will be limited equipment, but there should be enough

Comeptition check-in

  • All athletes will 15 min. prior to their heat meet at the venue check-in and get a judge assigned
  • A tentative time shedule will be pusblished, but athletes are responsible to be on time

Sign up (athletes and volunteers):

More general info on hotels etc.:


We’re looking forward to a GREAT event.

Ditte & Sarah



2 thoughts on “More info about the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge

  1. Hi!

    I’m going to volunteer this year but i’m wondering about the spectators. My girlfriend and friends want to be spectators.

    Time, cost, other things we need to think about?


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