Jimmy Madsen (Fitness World Aarhus, Denmark)

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  • Name: Jimmy Madsen
  • Gym: No specific gym. (Mostly Fitness World in Aarhus, who has CF facilities)
  • Country: Denmark
  • Men/women: Men
  • What’s your reason for participating in the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge? a couple of my friends challenged me to sign up for it. So I accepted the challenge and here I am. It will be my second time in a competition like this, but my first time as an individual, so I´m really excited about things and I have absolutely no idea of what I should expect of my self. So my goal is just to have great time, and really feel the adrenalin while the work is on.
  • How will you prepare for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 challenge? My focus in my preparation will be on the bodyweight and technical stuff, And then try to get used to just keep going when my body hurts and my lungs are burning. I should rather throw up than give up. 🙂
  • What movements are you hoping to see? I´d like to see some of the moves that my focus in my prep is including. Just to test my own skills on these under hugh pressure.
  • Your favorite WOD + time? I don´t really have a favorite WOD. Sometimes i just do a random WOD with no watch, but just to get the job done, and to go as hard as I can.
  • Your favorite lift + kg? Backsquat 145 kg.

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