Ready for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge: Team Raw (CrossFit Leeds, UK)

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Crossfit Leeds

  • Team Name: Team RAW
  • Gym: CrossFit Leeds
  • Country: UK
  • Team Members: Eloy Rodriguez, Marlene Andersson, James Wright
  • Whats your reason for participating in the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge?

Eloy: To gain more experience in competitions and to have fun with friends and girlfriend.

Marlene: To have fun and get a comparison to Scandinavian Crossfitters.

James: Enjoy the thrill of competition and push myself to find limits

  • Participation in previous FIT AS FU*K challenges + best placement? None of us have done the Fit As F*ck Challenge before.
  • Participation in other big challenges + placement?

Eloy: 15th team cf Leeds Manchester games and Battle of borders when our team came 1st.

Marlene: Came 1st in Divided We Fall Games 2011, 4th in the UK Throwdown 2012 and 30th in the European Regionals 2012.

James: Battle Of Borders – Team 1st

  • How will you prepare for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 challenge?

Eloy: Prep lift heavy often and rehab on the shoulder! Improve cardio and engine from running rowing swimming

Marlene: I’m on a training programme which won’t change much just for this. Doing shoulder rehab since the Regionals so will work hard for that to be all ok.

James: Continue to work hard on weaknesses at Crossfit Leeds

  • What movements are you hoping to see?

Eloy: I am hoping to see muscle ups and 1 rm clean n jerk.

Marlene: Muscle ups are always interesting but maybe seeing something more different like buddy carry or tire flipping.

James: Snatch and C&J Ladders!

What’s your favourite wod and time?

Eloy: Favourite WOD all of them apart from the seven!

Marlene: Don’t have a clear favourite, I liked the 4th(I think it was) Open Wod with wall balls, du’s and muscle ups because I did well in that and got to 14 muscle ups.

James: Haven’t really done many benchmarks

Best lift and weight?

Eloy: My fav lift is squat clean: 93kg 

Marlene: Deadlift. 145kg.

James: Clean & Jerk 115KG


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