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General important info will from time to time be updated here:


  • Helpers for Friday: We need help between 12:00-18:00 (come when you can). Handy men: meeting place: Toftegårds Plads (Sarah) – hoping that you can all be there at 15:00. But all help is welcomed, so please come when you can. Sign-in etc.: Valby Kulturhus, room 1, 3rd floor/or in the ground floor: Entrance: orange façade, through the glass door (Ditte). Remember to get your shirt and wear it on the day of competition!
  • Sign-in for judges/volunteers: Friday 12-6PM or Saturday 7:15-8AM
  • All helpers Saturday morning (excl. medics, photographers etc.): meeting place 8:30 (in the middle of the venue – refer to Yasir)
  • Medics will meet on Saturday at 8:30 in room 1, 3rd floor (refer to Anders Galaly)
  • Photographers will meet on Saturday at 8:45 at the latest on room 1, 3rd floor (no referral – just have fun and make great photos/videos)
  • Your reference: In general: judges refer to Ditte and Yaseer and volunteers/equipment guys/speakers refer to Sarah
  • Judges/volunteers rest area: Valby Kulturhus, big room, 5th floor (lots of space)
  • Lunch: 1 sandwich pr helper will be served in the big room on 5th floor @ approx 12-13:00
  • Medics will have ice bags etc. available in room 1, 3rd floor. More severe injuries requires a trip to the hospital
  • Equipment: a flow chart has been made indication what equipment goes where (will be handed out to the responsible on the day of competition)
  • Judge-rotation: Judges will rotate judging. Ditte will brief this in details on the day of competition. In general athletes are assigned judges at a central place before entering the venue. Score cards are returned by the judge after the heat.


  • Address: Toftegårds Plads, 2500 Valby (Denmark)
  • Event kick-off time: Saturday at 9:00AM
  • Tentative schedule: Will be uploaded on Saturday morning after chech-in
  • “Venue check-in”: Athletes should be ready at the “venue check-in” 10 min prior to their heats. Judges will be assigned to the athletes before entering the venue. Athletes are responsible for keeping track of heats and being on time. You’ll unfortunately be eliminated from the competition, if you do not show up in time.
  • Athlete rest area: Tent (no indoor facilities this year -except from toilets in the ground level). Bring blankets/sleeping bags, mattresses, warm clothes etc. In case of rain bring raining clothes as well.
  • Warm-up area: In the basketball field (like last year). Only athletes are permitted access. Warm up 2 heats before your own heat. There will be limited equipment, but there should be enough. It’ll not be possible to warm up in the pull-up rack/rings/pushing the prowler will not be possible either before entering the venue.
  • Sign-in for volunteers/athletes: Friday 12-6PM or Saturday 7:15-8AM – athletes signing in on Friday (or remotely, see below) will be placed in the later heats, and the people signing in on Saturday in the first heats. 1 person can sign in the entire team and/or more team and/or individuals.
  • Toilets: Portable toilets, and toilets indoor ONLY at the ground level (direction: entrance at the orange façade through the glass door and to the right down the long hallway).
  • Equipment: Weightlifting shoes, running shoes, belts, wrist and knee wraps (neoprene) are allowed. We suggest that you bring your own jump rope. Straps and power lifting suits etc. are not allowed. Bring your own chalk if you need lots of it.
  • Food + sponsors: There will be food and sponsor stands at the venue and there’s a local café at the venue as well. Bring cash (DKK).
  • Scoring system: 1 point for the best, 2 points for the second etc.
  • Cut-offs: 90 men/30 women/25 teams continue to WOD 3. 16 men/8 women/8 teams continue to WOD 4 (the final). Some of the events consist of several WODs (for teams) – so read the briefing very carefully.
  • Briefing: There’ll be video briefings on – please direct any questions in the comments under the briefings for all participants and judges/volunteers to benefit from it.
  • Hotels, guides to Copenhagen etc.:
  • Trash: Please put your trash in the trash bins. We would love to be able to come back next year as well :-)
  • Urgent questions:
  • In case of any ties: Decision will be based on placement in the final and hereafter in WOD 3, 2, 1.
  • AFTER EVENT 1: Best placed individual man + women + team will receive a free meal ticket from PALÆO (street kitchen at the venue on the day). Prize can be picked up at the judges table (ask for Ditte).


  • If you already now are 100% sure that you’ll be participating, send a mail to to check-in remotely – and pick up your participant t-shirt in room 1 on the 3rd floor after lunch on the day of competition. Athletes signing in on Friday or remotely will be placed in the later heats, and the people signing in on Saturday in the first heats. 1 person can sign in the entire team and/or more team and/or individuals.


Frk. Nielsen, Vestergade 12, Copenhagen. Entrance before 24:00 for DKK 125,00 (incl. free drinks all night). Password: FIT AS FU*K CrossFit.



Thanks for being a part of FIT AS FU*K 2012 – we’re looking forward to a great day!

/Ditte & Sarah



  1. Bliver desvrre ndt til at melde afbud til Fit as Fuck 2012. Med venlig hilsen Mads Damgaard

    Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:34:20 +0000 To:

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