Team Extreme Death Metal Fitness Team (Crossfit Trondheim, Norway)

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  • Team name: Extreme Death Metal Fitness Team 
  • Gym: Crossfit Trondheim
  • Country: Norway
  • Participants on the team: Morten Almaas, Anders Knutsen, Ingvild Anfinsen
  • What’s your reason for participating in the FIT AS FU*K 2012 Challenge?
    Morten: I have never really competed in Crossfit before, so this will really force me to work on the stuff I really suck at. A big reason is just to go and meet up with other crossfitters, and therefore have a great time!
    Anders: It’s a nice motivation and goal to work towards. Also the social part will be a lot of fun – looking forward to meeting some new awesome people.
    Ingvild: First of all to challenge myself! I want to be “the best version of me”, despite that I haven’t been doing crossfit for a very long time. Also, I find it motivating theese months before the competition, and most properly afterwards as well. Finally, I look forward to meet new crossfiters! Still haven’t met a crosfiter who’s not a nice person…
  • Participation in previous FIT AS FU*K challenges + best placement?
    Morten: Never participated
    Anders: Never participated.
    Ingvild: Never participated.
  • Participation in other big challenges + placement?

Morten: First crossfit challenge

Anders: This is my first crossfit challenge.
Ingvild: Crossfit Games Bergen 2012 (team competition).We came 4th out of 9-10 female teams.

  • How will you prepare for the FIT AS FU*K 2012 challenge?

Morten: I really have to work on everything within the olympic lifts, they are just not good enough. I also need to learn to love the double unders, they have a tendency to piss me off!

Anders: I will be performing almost exclusively strength workouts leading up to the challenge. In addition I’ll try to do two crossfit style workouts (also short and with a strength bias) per week to work on my efficiency and technique. I will also eat food. Lots of food.

Ingvild: I want to improve my kipping technique to save a lot of time performing the WODs. I will also work on my strength, improve the double-unders technique, and learn the HSPU.

  • What movements are you hoping to see?
    Morten: I would like to see a lot of bodyweight movements, mixed with some heavy deadlifts,squats,press,etc. Also some kind of insane team obstacle / strongman course would be fun!

Anders: I’m hoping to see heavy strength movements like deadlifts, (strict) presses, handstand pushups, pullups and rope climbs. Also it would be fun to see some strongman style movements including ropes and sleds etc despite me not having done much of this leading up to this challenge
Ingvild: I think I’m hoping for some metcon WODs with a lot of bodyweight and fast movements! Burpees (yeah, that’s right), kettlebell swing, walking lunges, rope climping, rowing, running, air-squats, knees-to-elbows and so on… I would also like to see some clean lifting and deadlifting. That was quite a lot I was hoping for!   

  • Your favorite WOD + time?

Morten: Really no favorite WOD. 
: I haven’t got a favorite WOD because I haven’t really done a lot of the named ones. I’d have to say Fran out of the very few I’ve done. My time half a year ago was 6 minutes.

Ingvild: Filthy 50! I think it’s about 24 minutes (room for improvement, I know)

  • Your favorite lift + kg?

Morten: I like kettlebells. A lot of heavy KB snatches would be great

Anders: It’s a tough race between the deadlift and the strict press. I guess it’s the former, where my PR is 75kg.

Ingvild: Favorite lift? Hmm…deadlift (110kg).


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