FAF2012 – Our thoughts

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The original idea behind the FAF competition when we started 3 years ago was to provide a large, open, fun and urban competition that both experienced crossfitters and newbies could participate in. We have therefore spend a huge amount of our spare time arranging the event 3 years in a row, completely non-profit and only by the help from volunteers.

This year, not everything went as smooth as expected and we want to share our thoughts, so that you can better understand what went on ‘behind the scenes’.

Human resources

In order to keep the event cheap and accessible we have a very limited budget and that makes us 110% dependent on volunteers. Getting people to volunteer as judges has been more and more a challenge lately, in part because of the huge increase in CrossFit events happening all over Denmark and Europe in general. The events in general have become more and more professionalized, often giving away clothes and shoes (sometimes even money) to the judges and volunteers. This have never been an option for us, and that makes it increasingly difficult to recruit people to help. Basically, a lot of people want to compete, but not a lot want to help out/judge. This makes for some mind-boggling logistics 🙂 This year for instance, only about 60% of the signed-up judges actually appeared on the venue.

Furthermore, lots and lots of online checked-in athletes never showed up, which made it impossible finding the athletes for the heats.

Scoring system /judging/time

This year, we had hoped to incorporate a more professional scoring system, and we had made all the arrangements for it to be set-up. Unfortunately the first thing that happened Saturday morning, was that the system broke down, and totally messed up all the heats by mismatching athlete numbers and generating heats filled up be people who never showed op. We spend about 2-3 hours trying to save it, before we had to give up and start completely from scratch, using hand-power and excel. This was obviously a huge challenge, and some mistakes where made. Also because of the rain (and thereby completely soaked scorecards) and the fact that some judges where judging more than 2 hours without pause.

Cut-offs for WOD 3 were changed on the day of competition. The change was made due to the expected number of athletes vs the actual number of athletes present. Moreover, the delay made us prioritize the finals, which is why the change in cut offs were made. The cut- offs were calculated on basis of much more participants and teams and the change was made proportionally.

We had planned to finish around 7:30/8PM and finished at 10PM.


As stated in the beginning, the whole idea for us behind the event, is to create a fun and informal CrossFit event, where people can show up, spend a fun day with friends and compete in some fun workouts. It’s not a professional sports event – and because of the scare resources- we do everything by ourselves … Even picking up all your trash in the middle of the night when everyone else is gone. This makes the event something that we should be cooperating about, not a service that is provided by some sort of “bureau”. We feel that even though we receive a lot of love and support, some participants show up with very high expectations that we will never be able to meet as two private persons arranging a non-profit event. This mismatch of expectations is of course unfortunate and very frustrating for everyone involved (including us).

The future

It’s been 3 fun, challenging and very different FAF competitions! We thank everybody that helped and supported the events during the years. However based on our experiences this year, we feel that the fundament for a large, open competition like FAF ’10-’12 is gone, and that means that we will not be hosting a competition in the same format next year. We will think about, whether we can come up with a solution, maybe a small and more exclusive event, but we’ll have to spend some time thinking about it. Until then, we’ll continue contributing to the great Danish and European CrossFit community through CF travels, blogging and by supporting the wast amount of other great CrossFit events going on every year!

Please send us any questions or feedback to, thanks.

// Sarah & Ditte


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