Nordic Senior Championships in Weightlifting (Landskrona, Sweden)

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Besides from CrossFit, I also train Olympic Weightlifting. I just finished my first weightlifting competition abroad in Landskrona, Sweden (lifting for my club and for Denmark).

Our team from IK99 (Copenhagen, Denmark) finished 3rd in the Nordic Team Championships. Yay!

Team competition:

1st Sweden
2nd Finland
3rd Denmark
4th Norway

We qualified for this competition through the Danish Championships in weightlifting in February 2012.

The 2 best lifters’ scores from each country counted (Karina + me).

Karina Hauge (69 kg class): snatch 65 kg / C&J 84 kg
Me (75 kg class) : snatch 63 – 66 – 68 (fail) / C&J 73 – 77 (fail) – 77 kg
Lise Mogensen (75+ kg class, as back up): snatch 60 kg / C&J 70 kg

We played it safe (my lifts) to beat Norway. I was quite nervous though and failed some lifts which I should have gotten. Had been sick and dizzy up to the competition, so super happy with my results.

Overall score (women):
1: Sweden
2: Finland
3: Denmark
4: Norway
5: Iceland

BW: 74,18 kg (last time 75,5 kg). I’m still chasing a 70 kg snatch and a 80 kg C&J in a competition.

Today, it’s the men’s turn!

Updates (in Danish) can be read on:


Follow my daily training and future competitions here:






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