The cooperation between the Danish Weightlifting Federation and CrossFit gyms in Denmark

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The article from on weightlifting in Spartan Mentality CrossFit (Århus, Denmark) is a great example of the cooperation between CrossFit in Denmark and the Danish Weightlifting Federation.

Must read article from’s community page:

“Denmark’s Spartan Mentality CrossFit has partnered with the country’s most sought-after weightlifting club, AK Jyden, to open a new lifting club at the CrossFit affiliate in Aarhus.

AK Jyden, established in 1902, has trained several Danish and Nordic champions who have competed in European, world and Olympic championships.”

Here’s a list of the most active Danish CrossFit gyms cooperating with the Danish Weightlifting Federation/the local weightlifting clubs/weightlifting trainers:

  • Butcher’s Garage (Copenhagen)
  • Butcher’s Lab (Copenhagen)
  • CrossFit OBBC (Odense)
  • CrossFit Copenhagen (Copenhagen)
  • CrossFit Aalborg (Aalborg)
  • Captain’s Gym (Helsingør)
  • Gladsaxe CrossFit (Copenhagen)
  • Spartan Mentality CrossFit (Aarhus)

The cooperation has produced better lifters and CrossFitters – and has moreover led to CrossFitters participating in weightlifting meets and to 3 popular joint competitions to date between the Danish Weightlifting Federation and CrossFit gyms in Denmark – all hosted at Butcher’s Garage. See the invitation for the next one on 18th NOV 2012 HERE.

As a CrossFitter, I’m thankful for this cooperation. It has developed lots of crossfitters into both better lifters and better crossfitters – and I believe going forward that you need to master the weightlifting part in order to be a really good crossfitter. Personally, training weightlifting more focused has refined my lifting skills (currently PBs are 70 kg snatch, 80 kg C&J) and given me some great experiences (amongst others to lift for the Danish national Team and for my weightlifting club IK99 abroad at the Nordic Senior Weightlifting Championships in Sweden in 2012).

Thanks to all the coaches in the weightlifting clubs for believing in us CrossFitters, thanks to the Danish Weightlifting Federation for the cooperation and thanks to all the anchor holders in the CrossFit gyms all over Denmark promoting weightlifting!



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