Article on CrossFit Community: “Training partners get FIT AS FU*K”

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Last week, Ditte and I were on An article covering our friendship and the FIT AS FU*K blog.

“For two years, Krarup trained in the morning, five days a week. Being competitive, she kept an eye on her classmate’s achievements. When Ditte Jacobsen deadlifted more than her, Krarup knew she found a training buddy. Through training, Jacobsen and Krarup’s friendship blossomed.

“I found Sarah so inspiring. She still inspires me daily. She is more of a daredevil and I’m more modest, but together we make a perfect match,” Jacobsen says.

Krarup says she loves that Jacobsen has been a constant force in her life and that they still train together today.”

Before this year’s Europe Regional, the two women posted profiles of the region’s best athletes, including Caroline Fryklund and Númi Snær Katrínarson. And when it comes to CrossFit-related events, their blog is a wealth of information for participants and fans alike.

Today, Jacobsen and Krarup are household names in the European CrossFit community. Krarup embraces the consequences.

“Everyone has an opinion on us. The negativity is sometimes hard to ignore, but it makes us stronger,” she says.

Jacobsen, meanwhile, found it difficult to be a public figure of sorts.

“I learned to separate my Internet identity from myself,” she says.

Still, both say it’s an honor to enable the European CrossFit community to connect through their blog.

“When I look at the number of visitors,” Jacobsen says, “I’m humbled.”

Read the entire article here:

/Ditte & sarah


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