Recommended reading: “When to Move on, and When to Punch Your Missed Lift in its Stupid Little Mouth”

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We really enjoyed this cool article from Greg Everett /Catalyst Athletics. Missing lifts is often a big part of the search for new PR’s in CrossFit. This article deals with the subject in an informative and entertaining way.

From the article:

” There are times in a lifter’s life when lifts aren’t made. These times are, of course, the absolute worst, and in those moments following a missed lift, athletes can generally find indisputable proof that they’ll never again succeed, why their abilities have already peaked and they’re finally and terminally on the decline, and why, being in such a stage of life, they no longer have any value to the world.

There are two basic responses following a missed lift: To accept it and move on, or to refuse to fail and fight back. Neither is always the best choice, and it isn’t always easy to know how to proceed after a missed lift. I’m going to explain how I approach this particular issue with the understanding that it’s not by any means perfect, and that there will certainly be times in your lifting careers in which going against the following advice is the smart call. ”

Read the full article here.


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