Recommended reading: “What to Expect From the 2013 Open and Beyond”

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A great blog post by Anders Larsen
“Assuming we can expect the Open to begin in late February again in 2013, we are now officially closer to next year’s Open than we are to last year’s. It’s time to stop looking back at the 2012 Games season and start looking ahead to next year. I’ve written extensively about the elite athletes, but most of us who follow the sport closely are competitors ourselves, and this post is designed to understand the qualification process from the standpoint of someone planning to compete this coming season. This isn’t about predicting the winners, it’s about knowing what to expect and where to place your focus.
The main takeaways here are these: 1) For the Open, the emphasis is on Olympic lifting and some basic bodyweight movements; 2) The loadings at the Open are moderate, but lifting is emphasized quite a bit; 3) Things are likely to get heavy at the regionals; 4) The Games has more emphasis on bodyweight movements, but be prepared to lift heavy when you do lift; 5) It’s time to get back to training – only 5 months left until the 2013 season begins!”

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