CrossFitters: Fighting Back From Injury

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Our next theme on the blog will be about injuries. Since we both have some years in the CrossFit world now, be have seen injuries hit many of our training buddies. CrossFitters have a reputation for being very prone to injuries, and some even state that the risk of injury when practising CrossFit over a lifetime is 100%. How do you avoid injuries? Everyone wants to train at the highest level and intensity, and nobody likes to suffer a month-long or even year-long set-back. We believe that in the context of preventing injuries, knowledge is king. The more you know about your body, and about planning your training, we more precautions you’ll be able to take. We hope that the coming interviews will inspire you to take good care of yourself.

We have expert interviews and stories from CrossFitters who have experienced devastating injuries first-hand.

Stay tuned for:

  • Tips from physiotherapist Peter Dan Willén (Butcher’s Rehab)
  • Advice on ”the mental game” from Janne Mortensen (Mental WOD)
  • Stories from top-level CrossFitters
  • Top ”injury related” links

If you have experienced an injury and want to share your thoughts with our readers, please contact Ditte:

*** picture from


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